Conquest 2017 - French group looking for...

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Conquest 2017 - French group looking for...

Beitragvon Cecile » So 25. Jun 2017, 11:31

Hello !

I introduce myself first. My name is Cécile and I’m the messenger of a French group of players. We’re going to be settle in the Explorer’s Banner, more precisely in the Reich Den Rosen camp.
We come to be part of this huge and awesome game almost every year. And this year, we decided to come with some twenty fellows of ours that never took part of such a game before. My husband and I care very much about making their “first time” in Conquest of Mythodea an unforgettable moment.
Every year, we are very happy to find amazing costumes, awesome players, impressive battles, touching scenes, feeling of security, kindness of all people… And we are looking for ways of showing all of those things to our friends.
And… (now, this is the point !)
We are looking for players or groups or players who will be interested in “playing” with us. Sharing quests, links, backgrounds stories in common… We could make those links in game, but some of us can’t speak German or English, and it’s not easy.
We’re going to play some twenty archers who broke up with their government because of… a divergence of opinion…
So, if you need help for something of if you have ideas to create links or stories between our groups, you can contact me on the forum or at this e-mail address :

Thanks !
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